Ripple becomes

Enough of supply centralization and constant coin dumping.
Ripple Decentralized is here to change the rules.

Time left till network launch:
To get even more free XRDC coins, join our Bounty while
there is still time.
Bounty End and Bounty Payout: March 20th

Coin airdrop:
March 20

Why Ripple Decentralized?

We don't just recreate Ripple. We are launching a cryptocurrency that is just as fast as Ripple and uses a very
similar consensus protocol – yet allows all users to participate in consensus.

Limited pre-mine

Only 10% of the potential supply will be premined

Fair distribution

All XRP holders will get free XRDC coins.


The founding team will keep just 5% of XRDC.

No coin dumping

The founders cannot enrich themselves through dumping.

Mining revenue

Decentralization requires mining – and you can benefit.

No control by banks

XRDC is created for everyone, not just banks.

About the Project

Ripple Decentralized is a fork of XRP, designed to combine the best features of Ripple with something it doesn't have: decentralization.

Most people don't realise how centralized and controlled XRP is. XRDC will fix that: no founder control, no dumping, and no massive pre-mine. Crypto is for the community, not for banks.

  • Small pre-mine: profitable PoW mining is the source of new XRDC coins
  • Control over XDRC doesn't belong to anyone in particular;
  • Focus on private money transfers, not on large banks

Coin airdrop:
March 20

Claim your XRDC for free

Absolutely every XRP user will get XRDC coins

Hold XRP

Make sure your XRP is stored in a private wallet


Wait for the network snapshot on March 20.

Receive XRDC

XRDC will be sent to
your wallet

About Wallets

Use our web wallet
Use our fast web wallet and be among the first to receive XRDC.

We've created an intuitive wallet that will help you claim your XRDC coins in just a couple of clicks.